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Online Test Preparation Company Teaching Solutions Celebrates 9th Year

Getting a Score Breakthrough on your quickly approaching test date is probably worrying you. You have a lot on the line. Failure is expensive. You want to get the best test study guides available so you want to know something about the company you're getting your test preparation materials from.

Passing a teacher certification test and changing students’ lives as an educator might have been enough for many people.

But not for Ann Andersen, certified teacher and developer of her innovative and highly recognized Teaching Solutions Test Success Systems. For Andersen, her first certification exam failure was enough to give him the spark to found educational prep company Teaching Solutions back in 2001.

“I lost the 5th grade teaching job I knew I was going to love. I was totally crushed. My future as a teacher back then just seemed a fantasy,” Andersen recollects. But it was the kick she needed to dump her old test study guide and instead get the prep help she really needed.

The Core of Teaching Solutions:
Insider Information

Instead of turning to expensive review books and cookie-cutter study guides, Andersen instead turned directly to the source of her eventual success: other test takers!

“I put my ads in my college newspaper to form a study group. One requirement was that each member must interview three former test takers who passed,” Andersen revealed. When each successful candidate shared their insider information on passing these exams, the lights went off – and Teaching Solutions Test Success Systems were born.

Andersen says, "This test is scam and rip-off! I was just tired of the fraud from the 'official' review guides. There is so much gossip about the test and test prep. Most of these lies come from people who never took the test or have such poor reading and low subject proficiency skills they keep failing the test over and over again. -- I decided to discover how to pass by someone who actually passed the exact same test I needed to pass!"

Today, Andersen and her teacher colleagues at Teaching Solutions have helped over 31,000 students realize their dreams of becoming a certified teacher, thanks to Teaching Solutions test coaching. But while the company may have grown in leaps and bounds, the methods behind its success remains the same as that fateful day back in 2001.

"Teaching Solutions" Test Mentoring:
Uniting Teachers With Their Dreams

Thanks to Andersen and Teaching Solutions, fewer potential teachers are falling victim to failing their exam and losing their 'calling' and living their passion. -- So what’s the secret behind Teaching Solutions success?

Simple: Andersen hasn’t changed her fundamental test taking attack philosophy since she first founded her company nearly 9 years ago.

The educational experts who make up the test coaching systems are, in fact, previous test takers themselves. 25% of the Test Coaches are former clients who passed with the Teaching Solutions 7 Day Comprehensive Success System. Now they want to give back and share the secrets to pass with other teacher certification candidates.

Teaching Solutions member clients discover how to defeat test anxiety, conquer procrastination and gain the 'insider' knowledge to grab hold of a richly rewarding career in education. Members won’t be exposed to a study guide written by some low-paid assistant from an overpriced brand. Instead, they get unprecedented access to REAL, documented test material created by the Teaching Solutions certified teacher staff.

Moreover, each test study guide is constantly updated through the use of legal test exit interviews, client case studies and 'undisclosed' test research. This educator staff updates each study guide for the newest version of the exam each month!

Test Coaching was created to fill the common void of being without any human help. That way, when burning test questions appear, they won’t have to panic as they flip through page after page of some study manual…

…a former test taker who passed their specific test will be there to show them the exact methods to get the correct answer!

The Future Of Teaching Solutions

While Andersen’s information-gathering methods are still the same, the company is set to leap and grow over the next five years. Take a look at some of the exciting developments that have just been released now:

  • Razor-sharp focus on test psychology – so every test taker can have sky-high confidence and a cool sense of calm;
  • A 7-day Comprehensive Success System – perfect for those test takers who’ve only got a few days left before the big test;
  • Dirty little memory retention secrets that no other test prep company knows – exposed;
  • And so much more!
Let’s face it – an overstuffed boring test prep guide just can’t compare to this!

Teaching Solutions believes so deeply in their "7 Day Comprehensive Success System Test Coaching and Study Guides" that if you aren't totally satisfied with your membership or you don't pass your test on the first try, you get the 100% money back guarantee!

So if you’re ready to start living your dream life as a certified teacher take action. Go to: Teaching Solutions Preparation Company and find the link for you upcoming test right now.

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